Re: AIX backup solution for a WANG admin

From: Bigi Brada (
Date: 06/08/04

Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2004 03:21:17 +0200

Allan Morrison <> wrote in message
This is a very late follow-up, but on the off chance you see it and
still need an answer, your need seems to describe the features of Legato
Networker very closely. You could migrate your familiar workfow to
Networker easilly.

-Allan Morrison

Fred Macmurray <> wrote:

> Hello there,
> We are in the process of converting over from a WANGVS operating
> system to AIX 5.1. I am looking for a backup solution to AIX. I would
> like to keep it as user friendly as the VS solution. Let me describe
> what I am looking for in the backup solution and then I will describe
> what I need to backup.
> On the VS the product was called "BACKBURN" by a company called
> Utility Systems, in case anyone is familiar with this. It was a
> catalog system that used named "Datasets" for the backup. We do daily
> full system backups to a single tape (only about 10 GB). We do this 5
> days a week and subsequently we have 5 tapes labeled Monday-Friday. We
> also do Quarterly "off cycle" backups and keep these tapes forever. In
> the catalog, I can pull up each individual tape and see what is on it
> and also restore from it. I can restore files, libraries(directories),
> or full volumes as needed just by selecting them. I can restore them
> to anywhere I want to. I can also search all the tapes cataloged in
> one shot. For instance if I need to find the existance of any file on
> any tape it will search for that filename (including wildcards) and
> show me every instance of that file on every tape I have cataloged. I
> can then restore that file. The software also reports on errors such
> as locked files, file size changes that happened during the backup
> etc.
> We have a pseries 610 with DAT tape drive. Internal is two drives
> mirrored that contain the SYSTEM. We are running a VS emulator and the
> associated programs for that are stored in the system filesystem. We
> then have an external SSA RAID (160 GB 4 disks) which contains our
> data files and locally written programs that run in the emulator. This
> is a separate filesystem from the system filesystem. From this we
> would be backing up approximately 10-20 GB / day. I would like to find
> a solution that comes as close as possible to what we had. I have
> played around a little with STORIX (free version) which has worked
> better than the backups offered in SMIT but still so far is not like
> what I had.
> My goal is ease of use!!
> Thanks in advance.
> John

Take a look at sysback (from IBM Tivoli now) or storix a an alternative