Timeout waiting for command response on inetd refresh

From: Park Richard (prichard_at_blm.gov)
Date: 11/23/04

Date: 23 Nov 2004 12:45:11 -0800

A refresh of inetd gave the following error:

0513-056 Timeout waiting for command response. If you specified a foreign host,d
see the /etc/inittab file on the foreign host to verify that the SRC daemon
(srcmstr) was started with the -r flag to accept remote requests.

The following procedure from IBM fixed it:

If the refresh hangs for some time and
comes back with "0513-056 time out waiting for command response", then
the inetd subsystem may not be working correctly and it should be
killed nicely. Run "ps -ef | grep inetd" and do a kill -15 on the
process id on the line that has "/usr/sbin/inetd."

Once inetd has been killed, type "startsrc -s inetd"

If inetd starts, try to telnet into the machine. If inetd does not start
up successfully, or if telnet hangs indefinitely, run kill -15 on the PID
of inetd again. Backup the original /etc/inetd.conf file to a new filename
by typing:

"mv /etc/inetd.conf /etc/inetd.conf.backup"

The original template is in /usr/lpp/bos.net/inst_root/etc/.

You can copy it by typing: "cp /usr/lpp/bos.net/inst_root/etc/inetd.conf

Run "startsrc -s inetd" and you should now be able to telnet into the
machine and run the refresh command.