Re: quantum tapeloader
Date: 10/14/05

Date: 14 Oct 2005 09:57:16 -0700

DH wrote:
> > Devices look the same as before. Maybe someone with Tivoli TSM/ADSM
> > knowledge will weigh in. I don't use them.
> Thanks for attempting to help, anyway. It sounds like it just can't be
> done. I talked to IBM - they said they don't support 3rd party devices
> (apparently they include them in the package when they spec out a
> configuration for a customer, but don't support them afterward). They
> suggested I call Quantum to see if they had the proper drivers. Quantum was
> clueless - if the configuration wasn't listed on their website, they had no
> idea.

That sucks! Sounds like TSM supports libraries that regular AIX
Interesting that the tape device rmt0 was properly configured by
(other SCSI tape drive)

I am hesitant to suggest dramatic changes to your environment, (assume
this is production), but if you are sure you're not going to use TSM,
why have it installed? I don't have TSM so I'm not sure what other ways
it may be "touching" AIX. (Maybe some TSM users could comment)

I don't have any software on a system I don't use. Lean, mean, and
safer that way.

The cfgmgr errors you showed earlier looked like TSM wanted to
own/configure your library, and tape units.

I can't help but wonder how your library would be viewed by cfgmgr if
TSM were not installed. You may want to try this, depending on your
knowledge of TSM, and how it impacts AIX, installing/uninstalling
program products, and your ability to restore, if necessary, from
proven backups.