Applying ML Updates to NIM SPOT/LPPsource


I just tried applying ML6 to my AIX 5.2 ML4 lppsource and SPOT, but the
update didn't seem to work - still showing at 5.2 ML4. I even tried
creating a new SPOT from my updated lppsource but it too is listed as
ML4. I didn't receive any errors during the updates. Here's the
procedure I used.

Update the lppsource:
- smitty nim_res
- Perform Operations on Resources
- select "aix520_04"
- select "update"
- select "add"
- "Media, directory or lpp_source to copy images from" =
/spdata/aix52_ml6 <- this is where my ML is located

Updated the SPOT:
- smitty nim_res
- Perform Operations on Resources
- select "spot_aix520_04"
- select "update_all"
- "Media, directory or lpp_source to copy images from" = aix520_04
(5.2 lpp source)

When I do an lsnim -l spot_aix520_04 I get:

class = resources
type = spot
plat_defined = chrp
arch = power
bos_license = yes
Rstate = ready for use
prev_state = verification is being performed
location =
version = 5
release = 2
mod = 0
oslevel_r = 5200-04
alloc_count = 0
server = master
if_supported = ent
Rstate_result = success

Any ideas what I might have done wrong???


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