Re: device packages?!?

dang... this little editor messed up the formatting above, sorry.

umm... i want to say, thanks, you guys, for your patience (except
"mm"... hey MM...solaris uses a jounaled fs too... vfs and v vm work
great for resizing on the fly... but its also useful to clients (who
might not know about, or be into, changning around the fs)
"out-of-the-box" on a default config... UNlike aix.... seriously, its
so easy to change the fs, why not just dump the diskspace into probable
useful places and let people change it around later if they want (like
solaris) instead of how it is now where you DEFinitely HAVE to change
it around) i mean.. is it just me, or is there always like... an extra
layer of complexity... to get anything done in aix?

anyway... i am really learning alot from you Dan (the man!) and thanks
Hajo, too!
well, i have to run and pick my girlfriend up from class and drive her
home, but i will be coming back here after that (this machine had to be
finished yesterday... i think i'm already in trouble... so i'll be
coming back herre and working 'till its perfect)

i'll be back on here in a couple hours, but dan, if youre gone by
then... what do you think is the best way to get the drivers for those
NIC's & fibre-channel's installed? i have to get those things working
one way or another tonight...(is there a way to test theyre working,
besides 'diag' without connectivity?)

but really guys, thanks.
btw, hajo, i did a $ cfgmgr -i /dev/cd0 with BOS#1 in there, and there
was a shitload of stuff it looked like it added... but the right fs's
to make the NIC's &FC's show up as resources was NOT there, apparently,
'cause AIX still isnt recognizing them, and is still returning the
original WARNING msg's from my first post.
i downloaded what the Warning msg. SAID were the requisite fs's from
ibm's fixcentral, burned them to disk and tried it with that disk, but
it was like "invalid toc" or some shit... can't remember but it didnt
gotta jet, but i'll be back soon!
thank you all profusely!!!