Re: pseries B50 servers available for sale

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On Tue, 27 Mar 2007, John Doe wrote:

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*bruhaha* You're not serious, are you? $400+ for a machine that
soon won't run current AIX releases and can be picked up at ePay
for less than 1/4th? I'm already sorry for the future owners ...

Frank, you are really sadly mistaken. Please check out your information
before posting. The B50 runs latest and greates tfrom IBM. AIX 5.3 is
running very nicely.

You're right, that should've read "won't run anything beyond current
AIX releases". My bad, sorry!

You will not get this machine off ebay for this price
especially with 1GB ram. Perfect test machine for learning AIX 4.3
to latest and future. hey, plus I throw in CDs (whatever you like) and
hour of education from an certified AIX expert. That alone is worht the

Please don't post comments unless you know what your talking about.

In fact i do know what i'm talking about. Almost two years ago i
purchased a B50, 1GB RAM, 2x 4.5GB Disk and additional NIC for my-
self. It was a exactly ?101,- (including shipping and taxes) on
ePay. So not too far away form 1/4th, isn't it?



Thats great Frank, I am glad you found a good deal. There is nothing like
that now is there? Deals come up occasionally. Did it include all the CDs
you could eat and an hour from a server specialist included? Dont' answer
cuz I am sick of ur attitude anyways.

Any by the way, do you get dlight out of sabotaging others posts? Seems
thats what your intention is so stop as it is not beoming. Thanks

It seems to me that all Frank is doing is preventing a possible buyer
among the group from being swindled. If you want to make your money off
the training, that's fine, but it needs to be pointed out that B50s on
eBay are going for much *cheaper* without the training than what you're
selling them for. Frank was simply pointing that out, I think, and I
would've done the same.

Derek E. Lewis
delewis at


Well, if Frank really had a B50 he would have known that it runs current AIX
5.3 no problem. That should put doubts in peoples minds if the rest of what
he says is fact as well.

Anyways, didn't post to get flamers coming out so lets just shake hands like
gentlemen and be a little more adult about this.

These boxes are great. If anyone wants to take a chance ona box from ebay
then great, good luck. You may end up with a boat anchor at the end of the
wait for it to arrive after you pay in advance for it, pay for shipping
etc.. Right now I see prices are over $400 for same config as what I am
offering. Most of these are in th US as well not Canada.