Re: Script to Shutdown AIX

Scottz wrote:

Can the WIndows machine kick something off on the AIX machine via RSHELL?

Yes, you can but many will tell you (including me) that r commands
aren't secure and can be circumvented easily.
Especially in that type of setup.

You'll have to be careful of the ip address the windows box has and
what is being resolved in DNS / local host table on the AIX side to
make this work consistently with a .rhosts file.

I've been doing that (VMS <-> Solaris, actually) in my production backups for
four-plus years. (BAckup target is StorageTek's L700e library controlled by
ACSLS.) Everything is static addressed; so, once DNS is set, it stays set (until
the usual dinking around messes things up, but that's rare in our shop - these
guys are fairly decent).

I also tried Windows RSHELL and RCP to/from both VMS and Solaris. Got that to
work o.k., but the application functionality (NetWorker Server and CLARiiON Disk
Library (FalconStor)) came up short in the end - couldn't do what we needed.

The auditors, security folks, etc. haven't demanded encryption inside the
firewall yet (but it's probably on someone's roadmap). So, haven't played much
with S-services, SSL, etc.

We setup cygwin with ssh key authentication access on the windows box
so we can run commands the other way around (aix to windows).
Of course that could be setup to do windows to aix as well.

Yeah - WhineBloze has enough security issues without exposing the rest of the
world to them by shipping UN*X servers/services with WhineBloze.

David J Dachtera
dba DJE Systems

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