Re: Tool Talk Message Server Could Not Be Started

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Basil Holloway schrieb:

# /etc/netsvc.conf
hosts = local . bind

Hi Basil,

hosts = local, bind in /etc/netsvc.conf is one step.

the hostname from "uname -n" must be resolvable to the ipaddress through

Check /etc/hosts that you have only a single(!) line with your hostname
and the ipaddress. When changing things through smitty there are often
more than one line, and /etc/hosts is checked from top down and smitty
appends to the end.

That's the trick.


Uli thanks for reply

# /etc/netsvc.conf has only one line

hosts = local , bind

# uname -n returns banora

# /etc/hosts has only 4 lines loopback localhost # loopback (100) name/address banora # 7044-170 2nd Unit 001083A109EB # HP4500DUP martinel # 7044-170 1st Unit

I could always, and still log on as root and the computer goes straight to
the CDE desktop ie no TOOLTALK error.
I never used a password on this AIX 5.2 computer but since I installed
SAMBA/SERVER, for SWAT to work correctly with Seamonkey I had to give
root a password and used configassist to do that. Boot up to CDE under
root never faultered ie no TOOLTALK error.

The new user I created is called y with a password of cathy.
User y p/w cathy are on the W98SE computer I am trying to set up as a
Samba client.

I presume if /etc/hosts and /etc/netsvc.conf works okay for root it
should be okay for y .

Could you think what else could be wrong that is stopping y getting to
CDE on log in ?

Assistance appreciated


My old 1987 unix tutorial book said users names must be no shorter than 4
characters and no longer than 8.
So I deleted user y , rebooted, created a user ditty and ditty on logon
goes straight to the CDE desktop, no TOOLTALK error.

When a user is set up in smit, help says it must be between one and eight

Suppose this is on case where smit was not my friend.