Re: Is it always this difficult to get started with BSD/unix?

From: entropy (entropy_at_domain.invalid)
Date: 10/13/05

Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 16:35:22 GMT wrote...
> With all due respect to yourself, ALL of my small business and home office
> IT clients run Windows. Like it or not, that's 92% of my market. And, I like
> it just fine.

If it's your market, it's your market. It's off-topic here, though.

> I also do web application development -- hence the new interest BSD.

Then just take BSD/*nix on its own terms and do what you have to do
to work with it. Or not. But getting wordy with people here because
it's "harder" than Windows justs wastes time and energy.

I've had to do some occasional development on Win32, and there's
nothing "easy" about writing software for a platform you don't know
very well. "Easy" is a function of how much knowledge you have.

Given a GUI, my 4-yo and 2-yo sons can surf PBSKIDS.ORG equally well
on any of several OSes we have running here. I'm posting this from
XP because I'm too lazy to hit the console switch to post it from
Linux or FreeBSD.

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