Re: how to login bridge-mode configured modem.

From: Kristian Rask (
Date: 10/23/05

Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2005 09:44:06 +0200

Hi Sam

On Sun, 23 Oct 2005 11:26:29 +1000, bsder <> wrote:

>Let's say if I want to have freebsd configured as a bridge router, how
>can I login to the bridge device thru another computer if not from a
>null-cable thru com-ports? The bridge device has multi-ethernet-ports,
>one of them is configured as bridging mode, the others are not
>configured. Can I configure other ethernet ports as normal IP-based
>ports? so leave only one port in bridging mode?

The fine manual reads :

Kind regards and good luck

Kristian aka "The eternal newbie"

Note: It is my experience that the bridge has a "sidedness", that is -
if you put a bridge in front of a another machine to see what happens,
like :
LAN -> switch <-> Bridge <-> Machine to look at
Then it is not irrellevant what "side" of the bridge connects to to
the switch and what side connects to the machine. I dont know why this
is so, and havent bothered to find out / think about it, as its a
simple matter of swapping cables if the services on machine becomes