rebuild world with NO_SENDMAIL=YES

From: Keve Nagy (see_my_sig_at_address.invalid)
Date: 10/28/05

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    Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 17:06:33 +0100

    Hi Newsgroup,

    I am considering to replace sendmail with postfix on an existing,
    up-to-date system. It has ports, packages and apps installed (no X).
    My idea is to do a buildworld having "NO_SENDMAIL=YES" in /etc/make.conf.
    Then remove the files left over from sendmail, and build postfix from
    the ports.

    My question is: how risky is a buildworld for my existing ports/packages
    and apps?
    Are these expected to remain "relatively untouched" and operational,
    including the ports/pkg database, or is it more likely that the whole
    thing will get out of sync and I have to reinstall all my
    ports/packages/etc ?

    I am under the impression that buildworld and ports/packages can be
    treated relatively separated, so a buildworld should not jeopardise the
    installed ports and packages. Can somebody confirm or deny this please!

    Also, I noticed some people mentioning a NO_MAILWRAPPER="YES" line
    together with NO_SENDMAIL in make.conf before the buildworld.
    Now I thought that mailwrapper is *required* in order to safely use an
    mta different then sendmail, for staying compatible with as many things
    as possible.
    Is this not required with a biuldworld without sendmail?

    One more question: How do I find the orphaned files left from sendmail
    which I want to delete after the buildworld?
    Earlier in another sendmail-2-postfix thread I received suggestions on
    "find . -mtime +1" in some places. This is great on a minimal, clean,
    new system. But this will find other files on a system that already has
    ports and packages installed.
    Any suggestion regarding this?



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