Re: getopt.h conflicts with unistd.h in 5.4

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On 2006-02-16, Lars Eighner <usenet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
What I am trying to do is compile the command line version of
stardict, which is generally known as sdcv.

I wouldn't know about that, as before you mentioned it I didn't know
about it at all, under any name.

So it appears to me my installed unistd.h conflicts with getopt.h
and this is not the sdcv source's fault.

Actually, it probably is, as getopt(3) tells me --and might have told
you-- the apropriate header is <unistd.h>, whereas your program comes
with what looks like its own version of getopt().

What to do about this?

Kick out the local version and use the standard one?

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