Re: freebsd 6.1-RELEASE and windowmaker 0.92 and gnome 2.14

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Hi I am DAniele,

i am trying to compile the windowmaker port on FreeBSD so that the
windowmaker will be able to talk to the GNOME d.e.. Before making and
installing the windowmaker port i changed its MAkefile so that
'CONFIGURE_ARGS' has also the '--enable-gnome' parameter. Is this the
only change one has to do befare the "make install" command ? And, after
the port has been installed how can i check if windowmaker has been
compiled with the "--enable-gnome" parameter ?
THank You so much for your advices,

The configure script for Windowmaker has no such switch as "--enable-gnome"
(I just checked).

Judging from the Makefile's use of "USE_GNOME=", my guess would be that
GNOME support is compiled in by default.

As for your last question, the best way to keep a record of any special
options you used to build a port is to add an entry in
/usr/local/etc/pkgtools.conf (used by portupgrade). This will also ensure
that the same options will be used when you later upgrade the port via

Hope this helps at least some.

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