Re: kill or pipe

Pet Farrari <pf@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

With FreeBSD 6, during IPC, what method is better, sending signal thru
kill or use pipe to communicate between processes(between parent and
child processes and among child processes?


Both methods are good for different situations. Also sockets, RPC,
corba, etc.

With kill, you can signal the parent's whole process group in one fell
swoop whereas with pipes, all children would need to fork with all
required pipes open and then decide which ones and directions they can
close. This makes it complicated for the children to set up pipes
between one another. Pipes are not the way you want to go.

Try "gunzip < /usr/share/doc/psd/21.ipc/paper.ascii.gz | less"

This gives info on using combinations of signals, sockets and select
statements for IPC and should help you decide the way to go.