Re: FreeBSD on sparc64

On 11 Jun 2007 20:57:22 GMT, Philip Paeps <philip+usenet@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Stan Barr <stanb45@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

There can't be many of us running FreeBSD sparc64, with Solaris 10 being
freely available...


Of course, with OpenSolaris, you could probably throw useless stuff out of
their kernel, but I would imagine it's easier with FreeBSD. In all honesty,
Solaris doesn't interest me much at home. I fight with it enough at work.

Chances are I'm not the only one. :-)

I cheat...I run both at home. I'm playing with x86 Solaris atm, but Sun
gear is much nicer than cheap PCs, so I'm looking for a bigger and better
Sun box :-)

(also got Linux on x86 and PPC and various PDP-11 unices going back as
far as 1974...but FreeBSD does seem the "cleanest" and neatest.)

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