Re: /etc/passwd related problem; blocked system-account

On 2007-07-10, Koppe scribbled these
curious markings:
I'm rather new to FreeBSD though I've been using
Linux for a while. I'm currently trying out FreeBSD,
but I guess I should mention that I'm using v. 6.0.

Your experience with Linux shows very clearly in what you've written.
Things are different in FreeBSD, as I'll demonstrate.

I've been tampering with /etc/sudoers in order to
^^^ /usr/local/etc/sudoers
Unfortunately, it doesn't work! I get a message that
"The account is not currently available" (or something
like that). I got the excact same message from
running the default "shell" for "operator";
/usr/local/bin/nologin .

Er, don't you mean /sbin/nologin ?

My problem is that the message remains even if I
replace "nologin" with /bin/sh i both /etc/passwd and
/etc/master.passwd... the message remains.

/etc/passwd is a public copy, so to speak, of /etc/master.passwd. You
edit the latter, not the former, and you do so with vipw. Therefore,
your changes were not propagated to a resource that your utilities know
to check.

My question is therefor; is there something else
that specifies locked accounts, or maybe a delay
before changing the shell/passwd in
/etc/[master.]passwd is noticed?

Not quite, you weren't editing them properly.

I edited the files (mostly) by hand, is there a
"proper" way to do these things?

Yes. See above. There's also a visudo command.

Due to your obvious infamiliarity with FreeBSD, I must at this juncture
suggest that you read the Handbook, available at .

Best Regards,
Christopher Nehren
<apeiron> Yaakov, And it seems to me that the only people going on about
"freedom" these days are RMS and Bush.

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