Re: FreeBSD 7.0 + apache 1.3.41 + php 5.2.8 = fail

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[self-compiling apache 1.3.41 and php5.2.8]

The version of apache+apxs from the ports tree DOES work with php
compiled from source, so I suspect it's something with apache, not

Just cause I'm curious, why don't you use ports at all?!

I need to compile in options I want, and I don't want any updates to
ports tree stepping on what's in place if I do an upgrade.

Also, compiling from source insures the same behavior across different

If you are compiling from ports we can help you if you are not then we
wont waste our time answering questions. The ports system is meant to
be a
easy way of maintaining and upgrading ports. The same funcionality can
compiled in modifying the Makefile or adding in make options such as
-DWITH_PHP5 or the like.

I think you're missing the point, and that something is different in
Freebsd 7 vs 6,5,4 that makes apache unhappy. Maybe this problem can be

Also the port maintainers would appreciate if you email them for issues
it will fix it for all of us rather trying to backout the path. Ports in
some way are beta quality and sometimes the ports have issues like all
humans we make mistakes.

I'm not using the ports for apache of php.

I think you also forgor that if the problem is docummented and fixed,
maybe somebody can add this to the ports tree if needed.

Some ports require a little fiddling with to make them work
people will have issues with these types of ports, sending a email
directly to the ports maintainer will have this fix in my experience
are eigar to help those in need while others......

Again, I'm not using the ports. I'm using very vanilla software from
source, and historically the freebsd environment has been just as plain
which allows for most things to build correctly.

This has changed.

So, does somebody know what causes with apache 1.3 and freebsd 7?

This is a new FreeBSD 7.1 install with no ports installed on a Virtual Box
VM. I downloaded the following:

Apache 1.3.41
PHP 5.2.8
Gmake (ports)
libtool (ports)
automake (ports)

I added in aspx and some other options and compiled in PHP5 support. and
the compile is fine and everything works, so I am confused as to why you
are complaining it doesn't work?

To recap, I'm complaining because of this:

[root@bsd7 /opt]# /opt/apache_1.3.41/bin/apachectl start
Syntax error on line 205 of /opt/apache_1.3.41/conf/httpd.conf:
Cannot load /opt/apache_1.3.41/libexec/ into server:
/opt/apache_1.3.41/libexec/ Undefined symbol "ap_user_id"
/opt/apache_1.3.41/bin/apachectl start: httpd could not be started

That's an error. Errors mean stuff isn't working. When software doesn't
work, it's hard to use.

In case you forgot again, I'm posting because of this error:

[root@bsd7 /opt]# /opt/apache_1.3.41/bin/apachectl start
Syntax error on line 205 of /opt/apache_1.3.41/conf/httpd.conf:
Cannot load /opt/apache_1.3.41/libexec/ into server:
/opt/apache_1.3.41/libexec/ Undefined symbol "ap_user_id"
/opt/apache_1.3.41/bin/apachectl start: httpd could not be started

saying this can you give me some compile in options you have, are you

All options used were listed in the top of this thread. They were very

using any special thread libs, any other info you can tell me so I can
reproduce the issue you are having and possibly give you a fix?

Follow my commands in the first post. It's very easy to repeat.

the 1.3 branch if a legacy release so I don't think they bother to make
sure it works on all OS's but is only what I have seen in my experience.

There's no good reason something like apache should NOT work under a BSD.
I can understand it not working on SCO or OS/2, but not FreeBSD.

Also please note, I think you know this but modules which are compiled for
1.3 don't work for 2.x and vice versa, so if you are adding in any modules
which were previously compiled for 2.x remove them and recompiled them for
the 1.3.41. Why not stick with the 2.2 branch?

My first post explains what I did. There is no confusion over --with-apxs
and --with-apxs2 flags for configure of php.