Re: network configuration problem


Clemens Zauner wrote:
Ah Yes. Make sure that 'router' as well as 'machine B' know where 'machine
C' is (= behind B). These both need a route for via

Actually, machine B knows this exactily, since its secind interface
is directly connected to C's networkd, and therefore B has a direct route.

Of course you are right about router.


PS: You might also consider using RIP for instance within your LAN.

Don't do that, Clemens.
As long has he can't get 4 boxes talk to each other via static
routing, he has absolutley no business to play with dynamic

Down that road lies madness :-)

> Or honour ICMP-REDIRECTS (if generated by router).

AFAIK FreeBSD honors ICMP redirects by default.
(as it should, per RFC)


Christoph Weber-Fahr