Re: oddness when upgrading to 2.0.2

From: Igor Sobrado (
Date: 04/26/05

Date: 26 Apr 2005 19:56:52 +0200

Timothy Larson <> wrote:
> First, I cannot su to root anymore. I can login as root from the
> console, though.

What is the message returned by the system? Are you in the wheel
group? If now, you can add wheel as a secondary group to your
current user "usermod -G wheel ..."

Hopefully, the passwd file looks nice, as you can log in as root
from the console.

> Second, etcupdate creates the directories (from etc.tgz) under / instead
> of under /etc - is that correct? Equivalent directories already exist
> in /etc so I figured that's where the new stuff ought to be going.

I never used etcupdate (sorry, a fresh install and updated backups
seem more reliable to me) but my first though is that you must
execute etcupdate from /etc... I suppose that a chroot to etc is
not required! There are users and developers in this newsgroup
that will help you better with this problem, as I never used

Good luck.