Re: Why there isn't an ISO: a very bad state of mind

From: Johan (
Date: 11/05/03

Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 17:28:01 +0100

"GP" <> wrote in message
> No I wouldn't. I didn't indeed read this 150k file where you have such
> grave subjects as What is OpenBSD, Sources, Hardware compatibility,
> all shoved in with installation instructions. I preferred to read the
> FAQs on installation. I know what OpenBSD is and I can find the
> sources, no trouble at all.
These are all important things to know during an installation. You do not
have to read all the words you know. If a section does not interest you or
is useless, just skip it and go on. Skim the document first (shouldn't take
many minutes actually) and then read the parts that you need.

> Neither in the FAQs, ar least up to 7, nor in INSTALL.i386 is there
> any mention of pkg-add. You tell me to read the files, BUT YOU NEVER
I am sorry if someone misinformed you; search for 'pkg_add' (without the
quotes) and you will indeed find it in both locations. In the faq you will
find it (for instance) in section 8.5. Or just search for 'packages'.

> What's next from you trollie? You'll tell be to do "man package-name"
> to learn more about a package I've never heard of?
You have not earned the right to call anyone troll. I will however be a
ridiculously nice guy and help you anyway. I told you to for instance look
at the openbsd site or search the web. Admittedly it seems the OpenBSD site
is not updated for 3.3 or 3.4 packages but you'll get most of them: (no, not quanta or xine). For
ports you kan install the ports collection (very clear instructions are
available in the faq) after you have installed the base package and look
through it. Or just download the ports archive to some other computer,
unpack it and search for the port name (like 'quanta') and read the DESCR
file in the pkg directory. If you are online go to google and put 'quanta'
(or whatever you are looking for) in the search field, hit return and you wi
ll get exactly the information you need.

Once again you are not thinking and not reading.

> I asked the question because I wanted you to tell there's no way to
> find out what every file does, let alone an evaluation of which does
> the job best, except to roam the net.
> Very bad basic organisation.
Now look, what are you after here? If you want to know which application
that is the best you'll have to look for evaluations somewhere, perform the
evaluations yourself, or you'll have to go through source code if you're
worried about backdoors. There is no such thing as what you want, not for
any Linux distro either. The applications that run on Linux are to a large
degree available on OpenBSD as well through packages and ports so if you
need "the best" and you already think you know what is best, look for it in
the ports and packages and if it isn't there, download the source and
compile it yourself.

Does Red Hat or Slackware or Debian provide these evaluations? Does


> As I explained before, not only you don't think, you don't even check
> before you answer.
See above, and other responses. You lose.

> Would I be facing a so-called "community' of RTFM jerks who throw at
> you anything that comes to their mind without even checking
> themselves. (You know. Like your "find pkg-add ins INSTALL.i386 crap.)
See above. Sorry if you have been misinformed but several responses have
told you to look for 'pkg_add', not 'pkg-add'. You lose.

> Is there an on-site forum where Microsoft agents who pretend that
> anybody saying everything is not absolutely perfect as it is, is a
> troll, can be filtered out?
Nobody is saying things are perfect, just that the information you look for
is there if you bother to read it. It is a lot to read, but I hardly think
it can be called running in circles. Read the FAQ and the installation
instructions, you do not need more to start with.

> > Take it a step at a time. With OBSD you will as a newbie probably not
have a
> > full desktop system up and running the first day, you will have to learn
> > things work under the hood.
> I don't mind reading and learning. I mind running around in circles.
> I've most probably read more than anybody on this group. Check my site
> at¨gpelleti and tell yourself that my topos
> on mathematics, the theory of relativity, Nefertiti, Tocqueville,
> whatever, is not one hundredth of what I've read.
I'm impressed (no irony, I assure you). However, philosophical speculations,
mathematical essays, discussions of various war efforts etc, are quite
different from learning to install an OS.

> I just don't want to be told to roam the net and find a firewall when
> I can't evaluate if the guy who wrote the firewall knows more than I.
> If those instructions exist somewhere on OBSD's sitem they're not
> where they should be, front row center. OBSD fails again.
There's a whole damn FAQ dedicated to pf!

> > Download what
> > you need from your closest ftp mirror,
> Becasue people like you say "Download from your closest ftp mirror", I
> always download from sites where people are asleep, even if it's on
> the other side of the earth. Nobody downloads from the closet mirrot!
> Much faster! I got 179 KBPS on DSL from some german servers this way.
> I hope you don't mind...
I don't mind. Closest may well be interpreted as fastest.

> > Or if you absolutely want to make a bootable cd, do
> > a search on Google on how to do it
> I just downloaded the damned iso cd34.iso and burned it. No need to
> search. It's just silly procedure to offer a 2 meg ISO.
What's silly about that?!? Instead of downloading the full ISOs you just
download the this installer and then download what you need, as you need it.
Or you make boot floppies and install via ftp - just need to initially
download those.

Mr Pelletier, you consistently show an unwillingness to think. Plus, we have
provided lots of info to you - use it! If not I will have to conclude that
you are a real troll, just here to annoy everyone. This is the world of open
source, if you do not like something, help fix it. Your effort is required
to improve the situation, and it's not getting better by whining.