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From: Hugo Villeneuve (
Date: 05/25/05

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    Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 10:58:01 -0400

    Slava Pogodin <> wrote:

    > Hello!
    > Help me, plz! I don't understand the answers I already founded in
    > google and search engines. My trouble: don't work
    > keys Del, Home, End on my standard 104-keys PC keyboard. I read FAQ,
    > wsconsctl(8) and kbd(8) manuals, read /etc/termcap,
    > /usr/include/dev/wscons/wsconsio.h but... Help me with solution, plz.

    The OpenBSD console simulate a correct standard EPC keyboard but the
    TERM name selected for the consoles is "vt220". Which doesn't match at
    all the wscons keyboard in its terminfo entry.

    For exemple:

    termcapname wscons vt220
    key_home \E[7~ \E[1~
    key_end \E[8~ \E[4~

    key_f1 \E[11~ \EOP
    key_f4 \E[14~ \EOS
    key_f5 \E[15~ \E[17~

    This means that no curse/termcap application will ever be able to use
    properly the HOME, END and all the functions keys on a OpenBSD console
    using wscons own keyboard mapping (sparc use something else).


    I don't have a solution for this problem. Personnaly, I just don't use
    the console often enought to miss them. I go into Xterms pretty fast.

    I do had a questions about it. Like on which wscons supported arch you
    can use a true ANSI keyboard? For who wscons keep PF1...PF4 and
    SELECT,FIND mappings? And from where terminfo gets it's keyboard

    I coudn't test if it was better in the pre-wscons era.

    > PS I can't just "pkg_add bash", and put .inputrc in my $HOME. I need
    > this keys in ksh, sh or csh.

    Hugo Villeneuve <>

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