default IPv6 route


I just noticed that in OpenBSD 3.9 is't possible to have two lines in
/etc/mygate with the default gateway for both IPv4 and IPv6.
Until now, I usually added a line in /etc/rc.local with a 'route add'
command for IPv6.

For the machines on my network with a static IPv6 address configured on
the physical interface, the new approach seems to work fine.

But on my firewall/router, the default route goes over a gif tunnel, not
a physical interface.
When I add the other side of the tunnel to /etc/mygate, there's no
default IPv6 route after a fresh boot. When I add the line
route add -inet6 default <gw>
to /etc/rc.local or append the line to hostname.gif0, it works.
When in /etc/mygate, it doesn't. It's not a big problem, but I'm
curious what the problem might be. I don't see any error messages and I
can't pinpoint the problem when looking at /etc/netstart.

Any ideas?