Re: pxe-booting openbsd live environment

pankajtakawale <pankaj.takawale@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Huh? That can be the very same server, and using NFS versus sending the
whole system via TFTP is a big win for the network and pretty much
everything else. And results in much faster booting, too.

my dhcp & tftp server runs on windows box. so i would have overhead of
1 more unix server just to place root & swap filesystems.

Huh? Are you really sure there isn't at least one NFS server for Windows
that doesn't suck worse than its UNIX equivalents? (Or failing that,
doesn't suck badly enough not to work at all.)

I admit to having zero interest in this, and thus very knowledge, but suggests I am not the
first one to think that NFS on Windows could be useful. (And the results
includes something using Cygwin, which should be very useful - I've
heard a lot of good things about Cygwin.)


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