Re: Help with remote Linux server - Authentication but no .htaccess?

From: Xyerp (
Date: 09/05/03

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    Date: 5 Sep 2003 07:48:15 -0700

    "Phil Powell" <> wrote in message news:<oLU5b.120106$xf.44033@lakeread04>...
    > I have a folder

    A directory? Where? On your local system?

    > that requires Windows Authentication each time it is access.

    Er... what? You're running Samba?

    > The remote system is Linux.


    > However, there is no sign of .htaccess nor .htpasswd as I understand a
    > UNIX-based system to have to prompt for Windows
    > Authentication,

    Way off base here. Those files are archaic files relating to the
    Apache Software Foundations Http server. Not related to 'Windows
    Authentication' in any way.

    > yet each time I am always prompted, even if I call the folder directly w/o
    > calling a specific file in that folder (this all done
    > via the browser).

    Eh? So, what you're saying is that you are trying to access a password
    protected website, but don't know how to do it - yes? What you need to
    do is enter a username and password when prompted. If you then tick
    the little box "remember password" you won't have to type the password
    next time.

    > Anyone there run into this and know what I should do about it?
    > Thanx
    > Phil

    Ps. When posting questions it helps to provide information such as:

    * The software you are using, complete with revision/version details
    * What you are trying to achieve
    * What goes wrong, complete with exact error messages
    * What you have tried already
    * Steps to replicate the problem, if possible


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