porting recvmsg()

From: Wim Deprez (wim.deprez+google_at_student.luc.ac.be)
Date: 07/22/04

Date: 22 Jul 2004 05:15:50 -0700

Hi Group,

for porting issues, I need to translate a recvmsg() to a
recvfrom()-function. Is this possible?

I have no experience with recvmsg() or msghdr and still writing some
test-code. Where does msghdr store the received data?

if the original code is

   bytes_read=recvmsg(sd, &msg, 0);

I think it should be the following:

   bytes_read=recvmsg(sd, &msg.msg_control->cmsg_data,
&msg.msg_control->cmsg_len, 0, (sockaddr

but I am not sure. Can somebody guide me in the right direction?

Many kind greetings and thanks in advance,