Re: Usage of va_list

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Pascal Bourguignon wrote:

Better use the ffcall library which allows you to build variable call

If that's the package I think it is, I don't like it. You never know
when a new version of the system is going to change the way call frames
are laid out. You never know when you're going to need to port to an OS
it doesn't support. In this case, there's a 100% portable way to do it,
so why use non-portable "knows the internals of your ABI" code?

Yes, that's the standard, dogmatically religious position. Not really
appropriate here, but, hey, take it down the hall to comp.lang.c, where
they just love this sort of thing. (Talk about "your act playing in

In the real world, ffcall is really good and useful. Highly recommended.

Also, their is no "portable" ("clc approved") way to do what ffcall
does, so your statement that "Don't do it that way when you can do it
portably" is wrong in general - although it might be correct in the
instant case. I haven't followed this thread closely enough (read: I've
long since given up on trying to intuit the motives/actual-problems of
newsgroup help-seekers) to know one way or the other.