g++ compilation problems

Hello, I didn't want to trouble the good people in c.l.c++, as these
are more of a compiler question than a language one.

Issue 1.

This code:
#include <vector>

typedef vector<unsigned char> bytes;
int main()
bytes data;
compiles fine with g++ v2.95.3, but with v3.4.3 (the most recent
version I have to hand) it fails with

xxx.cc:3: error: expected init-declarator before '<' token
xxx.cc:3: error: expected `,' or `;' before '<' token

Can someone please explain what the problem is here?

Issue 2.

This code:
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
using namespace std;
class Base
void f(string&) {cout << "Base::f()\n";}

class Derived : public Base
using Base::f; // error here!
void f(char*) {cout << "Derived::f()\n";}

int main()
string myStr = "abc";
Derived obj;

this on is the other way round. It compiles and runs corectly using g+
+ v3.4.3, but with v2.95.3 I get:

xx.cc:15: cannot adjust access to `void Base::f(string &)' in `class
xx.cc:14: because of local method `void Derived::f(char *)' with
same name

even though the function has a different signature.

I suspect my Issue 2 is an old compiler bug which has since been
fixed, but I don't understand what's happening in Issue 1.

Any advice welcome!


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