Re: defbootstr | SCO OpenServer 5.06

From: Scott McMillan (
Date: 08/19/03

Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 10:22:45 -0400

On 19 Aug 2003 06:49:03 -0700, (Perry Whelan) wrote:

>> According to the readme that comes with the EFS, the 'hp Smart Array 641
>> Controller' uses the 'ciss' driver.
>> Given that it's a completely different class of controller, this doesn't
>> suprise me in the least.
>> The Smart Array 4 series and the RAID LC2 use the 'clad' driver, whilst the
>> Smart Array 5/6 series use 'ciss'.
>> anyway.
>> Hope this helps.
>Thank you for your time; however, I'm still getting the dparam 'could
>not open /dev/hd00' error

Is this drive known to be good? Can you low-level/verify it? At what
point are you seeing this error?

>defbootstr link="ciss ad160" hd=Sdsk Sdsk=ciss0 Stp=ad160(1,0,2,0)

I've not seen this syntax before - What is it supposed to do?

>Not sure why yet, thanks for any further suggestions.
>- Perry

IIRC, in 5.0.6 the ad160 driver is built-in (although you may want to
load a newer one, as a few posts here indicate there may be issues on
some hardware with the embedded ad160 driver), so my first shot would
be something along the lines of

defbootstr link=ciss Sdsk=ciss(0,0,0,0) Srom=wd(X,X,0,0)

        (adjust the X's to meet your system's config)

You can load whichever ad160 driver you want _after_ the system loads,
then create your tape device.

Scott McMillan