Re: Print issues with JetDirect and OpenServer

From: Tony Lawrence (
Date: 01/27/04

Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 19:21:42 +0000 (UTC)

David Stone <> wrote:
>Hi, I installed a 3-port HP JetDirect 500x Ethernet print server on
>OpenServer 5.05 the other day. For starters, we're using two printers - on
>port one, a dot matrix. On port two, a deskjet. Two problems:

>1) While the dot matrix has no such problem, the deskjet refuses to do
>"carriage return-new lines", effectively blanking all but the first line or
>two of print output. The inteface script is generic for "HPNP", so I'm not
>sure where, or what, needs to be added to fix...


>2) Under Windows, I once knew how to fool a DOS program into thinking it was
>printing to the physical LPT1 port by somehow naming the printer "LPT1".
>I'd like to do this, if still possible, under Windows 98.

And you are asking on a Unix newsgroup? Well, OK :-)

Capture the port and redirect it to a real printer (that's
in your printer properties). See

You can also use things like

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