Re: popper/corrupt email

Dave Burris wrote:
OSR5.0.7 MP1 & OSR5.0.5
Windows XP Pro SP2
Outlook 2002, Outlook 2003 MP2, and Outlook Express

Two systems in different locations have recently started (last 2 months)
having the same issue, although to varying degrees. The mail files
in /usr/spool/mail are getting corrupt and becoming huge. Some mail files
are becoming corrupt and then grow every time the email client attempts to
pop email from the server. The email header gets duplicated hundreds of
times in the spool file and we sometimes see hundreds of lines of
control-A's (^A^A^A^A). Within a few hours, one or more email files have
grown to 1GB or 2GB.

On the OSR5.0.7 system, we replaced the SCO popper daemon with FacetWin's
fct_pop3d daemon. This fixed the email corruption problem and stopped the
email files from growing, but some users were still getting duplicate messages
(up to 10 or so sometimes). We then tried using the popper daemon from MP5,
but immediately started getting corrupt and growing email files again. Went
back to the fct_pop3d daemon and upgraded the Outlook 2002 clients to Outlook
2003 SP2. This solved both problems. Now, we are not getting duplicates or
corrupted email files.

On the 5.0.5 system, we had the same corruption and growing problem. We
replaced the popper daemon as discussed here from security fix ERG712033:
They were not having the problem very often, so it is hard to say if this
worked, but no problems for a 4 days.

Both of these locations had been running for a couple of years with no
problems. No apparent virus infections or network issues. We have been
trying to determine what might have changed recently at either location to
cause this issue but have not come up with anything.

Has anyone else had this issue lately? Any ideas what causes the corruption
and file growth?

We too have clients that have been slammed by this in the last 2 weeks.
No solution that I know of. This was the catalyst to move them to a
different method of getting mail...