Re: cron "c queue max run limit reached"

smlunatick typed (on Thu, Mar 20, 2008 at 07:02:09AM -0700):
| I have a server which has several timed "cron" tasks that must
| complete. A few weeks back, a power failure occured and now these
| cron jobs do not work. Two days ago, I turned on the cron job 'log'
| and today the log is showing "c queue max run limit reached" I
| looked for more info on this messgae and was suggested to check a line
| in th cron's queuedefs. The original file did not have a "c." line so
| cron will use default settings.
| How can I completely remove the limits or find/fix my problem?

Have you studied the man pages for cron and for queuedefs?