Re: samba-3.0.14Aa-VOLS.cpio on SCO 5.0.6

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Brent Bolin wrote:
Will this run on this version of SCO?

I guess you mean the one

On Oct 31, 2007, Bob Troester wrote:
I have been using samba 3.0.14Aa on SCO Open Server 5.0.6.a with
gwxlibs 2.1.0Ba successfully for several months

Where can I find documentation to install it?

What do you mean? VOL files are usually easy to install aren't they?

I'd extract the VOL files from cpio archive and use custom to install
them. (actually I prefer to use `scoadmin software` but YMMV).

man cpio
man custom

Then I'd read whatever man pages are in the VOLs and/or the samba 3.0
web-site docs.

Presumably all the above is known to you and I have missed your real
question. If so, sorry.


I've been away from SCO for a while now. Working with an application
person. Somewhere he found this info that also needs to be installed

before Installing MP3, which includes Samba 3.0.20:

1. Make sure RS506A is installed; if not, download and install it.
2. Install Oss646b
3. Install GwxLibs
4. Then install MP3

Yes installing *.VOL is easy and know how to do it. Are any of these
things he mentions needed other then what you say gwxlibs 2.1.0Ba ?

Your input is appreciated


I don't know why he said to install oss646b, oss646c supercedes it. Perhaps
he just meant to say "oss646" meaning whatever is the latest revision at the

I don't know why he said to install an unspecified version of gwxlibs before
mp3. mp3 includes gwxlibs, and if mp3 is what you do last, then mp3's
version of gwxlibs is what you will be left with anyways, and so there's no
sense in installing some other version first. There are several newer
versions of gwxlibs after mp3 however.

I would just install rs506a, oss646c, and then mp3 in that order.
There are other updates I'd install, but nothing from this list.

Also I assume you are talking about 507mp3 since there is no such thing as
If so, 2 things:

It's possible to install much of the stuff from 507 mp3 on 506, as long as
oss646c is in there.
But it's not officially supported. You become fairly on-your-own at that
(I would say you already were anyways so what's the difference?)

There are also mp4 and mp5 that generally supercede and obsolete mp3.
In the case of mp5, I think the most recent gwxlibs and samba available
anywhere are the ones in mp5.
It also includes several things that obsolete various skunkware and other
builds of gnu utils and other open source stuff. For example the extshells
package in mp5 is the best and most recent versions of bash, zsh, and ksh.

However I have encountered and heard of other odd things here & there where
mp5 caused a problem that mp3 didn't.
There are actually a few issues like that with every level of update. A bone
stock 507 has problems that mp1 fixes, mp3 fixes some things and I can't say
for sure if it introduces any or not. Somewhere between mp3 and mp5 broke
Olympus TuneUp. (rather, if tuneup is installed, you can't compile your
kernel, so, really, mp-something broke tune-up, but in such a way that
tune-up ends up breaking your system.) Other than that, in general my last
few osr5 boxes, 506 and 507, which were all heavily used, generally suffered
creeping increasing filesystem corruption. I don't believe it was hardware
because it was different boxes using different hardware and the same boxes
later got reinstalled with opensuse linux and reiserfs and never had a
problem handling even more load.
The corruption was not scrambled file data, it was mystery files and dirs
that can't be deleted, and when you try, your box reboots. Yummy. This was
both 506 and 507, but one possible common element was installing stuff from
507mp3/4/5 on all. A few were not especially heavily loaded so I don't think
it was load. Or filesystem size, a few were little 18 and 32 gig hardware
raid5 on 3 drives. All were running filepro and a bunch of gnu stuff
assembled by me from either self compiled or osr507mp3/4/5 , and
approximately the same set of other 3rd party software like vsifax, pcmiler,
facetwin. I never tracked it down because by the time the pattern became
clear, I was no longer installing new osr5 boxes anyways, so when another
box started to go south, generally it was time to upgrade anyways so I just
migrated them to linux and haven't had a problem since then.
It should be noted that I still have lots of existing osr5 boxes out there
chugging away with no apparent problems so it's not necessarily a given that
the last updates to osr5 506 & 507 will cause eventual fs corruption.
I don't know what to recommend. It may possibly be that the problem was in
mp1, mp3 & mp4, and mp5 finally fixes it. I don't have any boxes that have
been running mp5 for very long. And of course none of the 504, 505, and
earlier 506 boxes that ran for years and years ever had this problem.
I'm just glad it's not my problem any more since I don't install osr5 any
Well ok yes that is one real recommendadtion, suck it up and wade into linux
and migrate to linux.
It may be quite a bit of work if you're not familiar with the OS and if your
app has lot's of osr5-specific commands and assumptions (which it never
should have had in the first place tsk tsk) but, it is past time to have
done this overhaul by now. Don't confuse this with the idiots that will tell
you to solve every stupid disabled printer problem with "install linux!" .
Thats not what this is.

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