Re: When booting with BTLD on 5.0.7 I get bootlocore: Out of low - update!


Thanks for the reply! I did get further. I booted from the SCO
distribution CD with

defbootstr link=aacraid disable=alad root=hd(40)

and it loaded the btld from the floppy as is should and I got to the
point where it would normally prompt to go to single or multi-user
mode (after kernel: Hz = 100 ... line).

At this point, I got

PANIC: exit - Cannot exec /etc/init (PID 1), status 0x00000200


Any ideas?


On Apr 27, 1:23 am, "Steve M. Fabac, Jr." <smfa...@xxxxxxx> wrote:
dsadaka wrote:
I have an SCO 5.0.7 system that's been running for years on an Intel
G7ESZ server motherboard.

I was using an Adaptec 2100s until this morning when it crashed.  Of
course, I did not have another one but I *did* have an Adaptec 2120s.
I was amazed when I was able to import the Array into this new
controller and I thought I was home free.


I knew I would have to load aBTLDand sure enough, the boot process
confirmed it.  However, when I try to boot (from the hard drive) and
load theBTLD(from the floppy) with the following:

defbootstr link=fd(60)aacraid Sdsk=aacraid(0,0,0,0) disable=alad

(where alad was the old 2100s driver)

I get

Loading kernel symbol table, this may take a few minutes
bootlocore: Out of low (below 1Mb) memory!
No memory for string table
No (or cannot load) kernel hd(40)unix symbol table


Your problem is trying to boot the kernel off the hard drive with
the defbootstr link command.

I think that the solution is the one suggested by Bela when I had
a problem installing SCO 5.0.7 on a Dell T310 system:

Bela wrote:
Another way: after ISL is complete, boot from the same media as you
initially did,

   defbootstr link="lsil wd" disable=usb_ehci,usb_ohci,usb_uhci root=hd(42)

Kernel loads from CD, BTLDs from USB floppy (under BIOS control).
System boots up from the hard drive.  Go to single user mode, acquire
the needed BTLDs somehow (network, from an ISO you burned onto a CD-ROM,
or whatever).  Actually you shouldn't need the USB disables on this
path, so probably you can get the BTLDs from the same floppy.  I'm not
sure since I don't understand why you have to disable them initially.

I suggest you try the above defbootstr modified for your use and boot a
5.0.7 installation CD with:

defbootstr link=aacraid Sdsk=aacraid(0,0,0,0) root=hd(42)

Then go into single user mode and run

mount /dev/install /mnt
# btldinstall
usage: btldinstall <directory on whichBTLDdisk is mounted>
# btldinstall /mnt

Then change /etc/conf/cf.d/mscsi to specify aacraid for your boot disk,
relink and install the new kernel and you should be home free.

I've been Googling for hours.  All I could find was suggestions on how
to free up lower memory.  I also did a mem=/v command at the boot
prompt and got:

0k - 164k/r --- reserved
633k-640k/p ... bios-private
913-1m/p ...bios-private

the POST display reports that Video and BIOS are shadowed but I cannot
figure out how turn off the shadowing.

Anyone have any ideas?  Do you think I'm really running out of low
memory or is there something else going on?


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