Re: In need of a SHELL Script - Please!!!

From: Ed Morton (
Date: 10/24/03

Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003 16:53:31 -0500

On 10/24/2003 4:34 PM, Kevin Rodgers wrote:
> Ed Morton wrote:
>>On 10/24/2003 11:29 AM, rbristol wrote:
>>>KSH. Am I not running the script properly...I'm in the directory where
>>>both the files and the script live and at the command prompt I type
>>>'. scriptname'
>>Make sure sriptname is executable and replace ". " with "./" (i.e. ./scriptname
>>with no spaces). If that doesn't fix it post EXACTLY the script you're using
>>because the one from your previous posting:
> A shell script file executed with . (vs. run as a command) does not need
> to be executable. In fact, if the commands in the file must be executed
> with . in order to effect the current shell's environment, you should
> not make the file executable so that if someone tries to run it as a
> command, it will fail.

Absolutely correct but none of that applies to this particular script. The OP is
just trying to move a bunch of files, not affect the environment. I suspect
(s)he just doesn't know how to make the script executable and/or how to execute
it if the current directory isn't in his/her PATH.