Re: "pidof" on a process (which was ran by passing arguments from the command line)

From: Chris F.A. Johnson (
Date: 07/04/05

Date: Sun, 3 Jul 2005 18:23:37 -0400

On 2005-07-03, wrote:
> Hello,
> This question may be relevant to running "pidof" generally on processes
> which were run by passing an argument in the command line;
> To me it occurred with python.
> I am running a python script of xen.
> I want to be able to get the pid of that process by running "pidof".
> The command line for running the script is
> /xend start
> (but in fact it runs "python ./xend start" because the first line in
> "xend"
> script is "#!/usr/bin/env python".)
> ("python ./xend start"" is also what we get (among other processes)
> from
> ps -aux |grep python for that specific process I am talkng about).
> I want to be able to get the pid of that process by runnning "pidof".
> pidof "python ./xend start" gives nothing (in Bash and in Tcshell).
> pidof "python" gives 4 processes (one of them is the requested one).
> Moreover:
> 2502 is the process id of the wanted process.
> cat /proc/2502/cmdline
> gives:
> python./xendstart
> but trying pidof "python./xendstart" (also with one apostrphe or none
> at all)
> gave nothing.
> Also "pidof -x xend" does not help : it returns an empty string.
> Any idea?

   pidof obviously does not do what you want, so you need to use a
   different command (or combine pidof with other commands).

   What wrong with:

set -- $( ps ax | grep 'python.*\./xend' )

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