Re: check my own ip number ?

From: Alan Connor (i3x9mdw_at_j9n35c.invalid)
Date: 11/17/05

Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 04:24:55 GMT

On, in <GVOef.93$>,
"Dan Mercer" wrote:

> "Thomas Bosch" <> wrote in message
>news:dlf3t9$1u8$ : or: : lynx -dump
>|cut -d ":" -f 2|sed -e 's/|head -n 1
> None of these web based solutions will work if you are behind
> a NAT router/firewall. Now that may be the IP you are looking
> for, though it's unlikely you'll be able to do much with it.

Marek already has his IPs: The one that Thomas' solution gave
him, and his box's address:

> What - no perl on your system?

Right. Perl. Do you use tactical nukes to remove stumps from
your backyard?