Re: passing arguments within pipes

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On Mon, 9 Apr 2007 23:42:32 +0000 (UTC),

pac...@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Alan Curry) wrote:
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Seb <splu...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
some_file=$(ls | gawk 'FNR == 1')
fun ${curfile} 1 6
some_file and curfile are the same thing I guess. You can combine those
and eliminate the middle-man:

Oh my, those two were meant to be the same (sorry, I'm juggling between
the actual script and too fast). I get it, there's no way
to parse the output from a pipe into a particular argument of a function
on the right side of a pipe.

You can do that, too, if you don't line command substitution. See my
xargs example upthread. On my system (using -I to define the

ls | xgawk 'NR == 3' | xargs -I{} fun {} 1 6


Thank you both for putting me on track.