Re: Script to compare dates and notify

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littlehelph...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I am trying to put together a script to compare the dates of a file
and send out an email notification if the date on the file is beyond
30 calendar days. However, I am having a bit of trouble. The file
format is <filename>_%m%d%y. So for example

future? typo?

I parse the file so I am just left with the date extension from
there I want to be notified of any file over the 30 day mark.

I tried using expr and setting up a variable for the 30 days but its
not working. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


$ FILENAME="foobar1_090207"

$ PAST="$(date -d "20${TIME:4:2}-${TIME:0:2}-${TIME:2:2}" +'%s')"
$ NOW=$(date -d $(date +'%Y-%m-%d') +'%s')

$ let DIFF=(NOW-PAST)/60/60/24
$ echo "diff in days: $DIFF"
diff in days: 9

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I changed the script around a bit to search for all the files and go
through them. Problem is is only reads and works on the one file so
the dates are returning as the same. Any ideas?

FILENAME=`ls /<path_to_file>| grep _[0-9]` (this produces foo_090407
foo_090507 foo_090607)
for i in $FILENAME
PAST="$(date -d "20${TIME:4:2}-${TIME:0:2}-${TIME:2:2}" +'%s')"
NOW=$(date -d $(date +'%Y-%m-%d') +'%s')
let DIFF=(NOW-PAST)/60/60/24
echo "$i diff in days: $DIFF"

The above produces
foo_090407 diff in days: 8
foo_090507 diff in days: 8
foo_090607 diff in days: 8