Usenet server test script

Below is a script that posts a test message via a public newserver and
provides a randomly generated title and Message-ID. It uses the "rpost"
command, which is included in the "suck" package to post the message.

I'd like to add a "suck" command to the script to read the message back
from the server, using the specified Message-ID, and to display that
message. I guess I'll figure out how to do it eventually, but the "suck"
command seems to be far more complex than "rpost" and it requires config
files. There's no easy way to do this that I'm missing, is there?

id=$(od -xvAn -N8 < /dev/urandom | tr -cd 0-9a-f)
rpost $newsserver <<%end
From: scriptpost <script@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Newsgroups: alt.test
Subject: TEST-$id
Organization: scriptpost
Message-ID: <$id@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

test $id