Re: grep with multiple and

On 11 fév, 10:47, marc <marc.tes...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 10 fév, 18:24, Spiros Bousbouras <spi...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 10 Feb, 13:12, marc <marc.tes...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 9 fév, 23:37, Spiros Bousbouras <spi...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Could you cut and paste the exact command line
you used?

It's simply :

find ./ -name '*.*' -exec nawk -v x=1 -v y=1 '/-BRA/ {x = 0}; /FRA/ {y
= 0} END {exit x+y}' {} \; -print

Since the above wraps around and I get a strange character after
the = I will rewrite is as follows:

find ./ -name '*.*' -exec                       \
nawk -v x=1 -v y=1                              \
'/-BRA/ {x = 0}; /FRA/ {y = 0}  END {exit x+y}' \
{} \; -print

So the above does not produce any output ?

With grep or awk, it scans a certain number of files (~170), then it
freezes, with any file (even empty)...
Thanks anyway.
I give up...- Masquer le texte des messages précédents -

Finally, I've found the problem : it hangs when there are pipes or
files beginning with "."
Thanks to all.

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