Re: unzip | touch | re-zip

"Murray R. Van Luyn." <valid@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
... I've always distributed zip files that I create with WinZip,
so I thought using the Unix zip command would give me the best compatibility
with those.

Okay, I've tried it out and am starting to get a handle on the problem. When
initiated with PHP's exec() function I couldn't get any textural feedback
from running the zip command.
I'll see what my ISP has to say about the apparent, predominately
un-locatable zip executable. They're not known for their fabulous customer
service, so I fear this may be where the current avenue of
exploration ends.

Does your PHP installation have the zip functions? It is not as
simple as a script, but it will get the job done if your hosting
company won't install a zip executable.