Re: How to remove all subdirectory/file under current directory ?

On Wed, 10 Mar 2010 06:53:25 -0800, moonhkt wrote:

I wondered too.  I looked over moonhkt's post for the last few months
(those still on my server).  Some of them look like they may have been
piped through babelfish.  The phrase "and their contents recursively"
may not have translated into his native tongue properly.

Before post,I asked our UNIX Admin, how to remove files under
subdirctory, he provide rm -f to me then remove remain subdirectory by
rmdir ... In case of too many subdirectory, Usually, Ask Admin delete
for me. In my profile, I have alias for rm='rm -ie'. Each time,I just
remove one file one by one.

Oh, I see, you didn't read the manual page. If your system has manpages,
you may be able to look this stuff up yourself, instead of asking the
UNIX admin. Try "man ls" and see if you get the manpage for "ls"
If you don't have the "man" program on your system, you can look up the
UNIX manpage for a command on the web.

Also some commands have built in usage information. This can usually be
accessed with a '-h' or '--help' option. Try "ls --help" and see what
it tells you.