ln-s does not work.. why? (using cygwin in Windows XP)

I am using Windows XP and using cygwin.

For all these years... I was successful to create symbolic links like
this... in the directory /cgydrive/c/x (which is the same as /c/x in
my computer)

Administrator@bfs /c/x
$ ln -s '\\bfs\h$' csprod_h

And, I have a few of those old symlinks... for which I can do like

cd /c/x/csprod_h and I will be taken there.. It still works for the
old symlinks.

But, when I create some new symlinks using the above method... for

Administrator@bfs /c/x
$ ln -s '\\bfs2\c$' cstest_c

All, I get is a..

cstest_c and it is a "system file"... and I can't cd to that

when i open the file in text editor, this is what i have for example:

!<symlink>ÿþ\.... with some control characters..

I can't cd to that directory in cygwin nor can i double click on it in
explorer to go to the target directory.

Why the sudden change of behaviour in my system and how can I fix this

I want symlinks create like above to work.