Re: Weirdest shell behavior ever...

On 2010-09-01, Ed Morton <mortonspam@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Beats me. Stating the obvious, though - this should have been written
almost entirely in awk or similar rather than shell in the first
place. The shell is an environment to call tools from, not a language
to program in. For simple text processing as you're doing in that
script, just use a text processing tool like awk.

Historical quirk; the usage environment allows my choice of any language,
as long as it's C, perl, or sh. There was some reason when I started for
which I picked sh. I do plan to rewrite that entirely, it ended up
being a lot more complicated than we originally thought it would be... I
didn't want to impose an additional requirement if I didn't have to (and
yes, I do see systems without perl once in a blue moon), and C is not really
my first choice for string manipulation, though in this case, maybe it should
have been.

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