Re: [newbie]: Inheriting group permissions?

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Is there a way to automatically inherit also the permissions
automatically for a certain directory?

Not really, but almost.
See the â??chmod(1)â?? and â??umask(1)â?? man pages for more.

Barry Margolin <barmar@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

If your filesystem supports ACLs, I think you may be able to
accomplish this with them.

Right. My answer above assumes only POSIX permission semantics. ACLs can
do more, and might be worth the OP's investigation.

Right. The problem with umask is that it is not specific to a particular
directory. So if you set your umask to allow group write, it will affect
all files you create, not just the ones in the shared directory.

Inherited ACLs can be set on specific directories.

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