Re: Where to start in unix/matlab error message?

Date: 04/08/03

Date: 8 Apr 2003 20:42:51 GMT

In comp.unix.programmer Fred Ma <> wrote:
> Fred Ma wrote:

>> I'm running the math/science computing package Matlab(R13)
>> with my own C++ callable functions. I'm working in solaris 8
>> using gcc 3.2.1, gdb 5.3. I'm going by the procedure of
>> I'm getting an error message that is pretty cryptic to say the
>> least:
>> Program received signal SIGUSR1, User defined signal 1.
>> 0xfded9794 in __sigprocmask () from /usr/lib/
>> This is after I set a break point on the top level function of my
>> dynamically callable function ("break mexFunction" in step 6
>> of the procedure) and try to continue. When I get the above
>> message, I am certainly not at the breakpoint. A backtrace
>> shows lots of stuff (attached).
>> Of course, no one can debug this for me, but is there anyway
>> to get started in figuring out what this error is about? I'm not
>> all that keen on going off on a tangent to learn about vast
>> body of knowledge on unix under-the-hood, because I have
>> to stay focused on my thesis research. But if it is a small
>> detour to pick up some handy tools for my kind of work, I'd
>> certainly like to take a look at it.

> I should clarify, the program runs fine when I'm not using the
> debugger. Fine meaning no crashes, illegal memory accesses,
> etc..

Looks as if Matlab uses SIGUSR1 for some internal purposes and the
default settings of the debugger are to stop and print a message
whenever a signal gets caught. That's nothing to worry about. Either
simply continue or tell the debugger to ignore the signal by typing

(gdb) handle SIGUSR1 nostop noprint

before you start the program.
                                 Regards, Jens

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