Re: mount pset related pids to a different /proc fs mount point?

From: Andrew Gabriel (
Date: 05/16/03

Date: 16 May 2003 10:45:35 GMT

In article <>,
        Rocke Robertson <> writes:
> /proc has system wide process information. On a system, we have
> multiple chroot environments, and a proccessor set for each chroot
> environment. Presently we have to loopback mount /proc into the chroot
> environment to get /bin/ps to work amoung many other things which is
> fine. But this also allows /bin/ps to see other environments processes.
> So, I would like to be able to do the following:
> /proc - /proc proc - no -
> /proc - /chroot0/proc lofs - yes forpset0
> /proc - /chroot1/proc lofs - yes forpset1
> /proc - /chroot2/proc lofs - yes forpset2
> etc.....
> the forpsetX option is imaginary because this is the missing option. I
> would like to have a mount option for pset 1 or 2 etc.....

It sounds like you need Solaris Zones, which is likely to appear
in a future Solaris release as an extension to the current Solaris
Containers in Solaris 9. Some information on it has already appeared:

Andrew Gabriel
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