Re: user login function of his GID (automount)

From: Michael Vilain (
Date: 05/23/03

Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 13:44:51 -0700

In article <3ece7647$0$1048$>,
 "Eric Swoboda" <> wrote:

> solaris 2.8
> I have 3 machines A, B, C
> A and B are NFS servers (home directory)
> A shares /users/home_A
> B shares /users/home_B
> C is a client where I would like to login users who automount their
> home directory . But the automounted directory is function of the user's
> GID.
> on server C ,I have many groups defined,let us say gpa1,gpa2,gpa3 and
> gpb1,gpb2,gpb3 in /etc/groups
> If user_a try to login server C ,he will automatically automount
> A:/users/home_A on /home/user_a because user_a belongs group gpa1
> (similarely for gpa2 and gpa3)
> If user_b try to login server C ,he will automatically automount
> B:/users/home_B on /home/user_B because user_b belongs group gpb1
> (similarely for gpb2 and gpb3)
> How can I solve this problem ? Can I script auto_home maps ?
> If the users are autenticated via NIS?

Make all the systems share the same namespace and values for users and
groups. You example is dense and confusing but near as I can tell you
have multiple values for groups amongst the different machines. This
makes them "descrete". Make all the machines _the same_ group so that
any user can log into any machine and get the same mount point. Then
automount and NIS will work correctly.

If you can't do this, use local files and don't use automounter. Users
would be prohibited from accessing their "global home directory" on that

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