Re: Filespace Being Used Up With No Trace

From: Darren Dunham (
Date: 06/17/03

Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 16:40:04 GMT

In comp.unix.solaris Edward Nash Jr. <> wrote:
> I have seen in manuals that fsck can be used on the root filesystem (and
> only that one) while it is mounted if the system is in maintenance or
> single-user mode.

Please let us know where. Especially if it has anything to do with
Solaris 2.x.

Older systems may not have behaved in the same manner. I can't even
recall what SunOS 4.x did. I think the default for single-user was to
still be mounted read-only, but that could be changed by doing a
boot -sw.

If you do a 'boot -b' on Solaris, it will come up with only the root
filesystem mounted read-only. If you have a separate /usr, you can then
mount it read-only also. Once mounted, you can run 'fsck' on all

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